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San Clemente / Words from the President

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Words from the President

San Clemente - Palabras del PresidenteAgrícola San Clemente was created in the 80’s as the result of the business interest in developing a fruit agricultural activity dedicated to exports in order to encourage both domestic and International opening of this area.

This business challenge started with the purchase of the first country estate located in the region of Maule. A modern packing plant and cold-storage chambers were then built in order to start first exports, growing thus over the years towards the northern and southern zone of the country.

Our vision for the next years is consolidating the position we hold in our niche markets, strengthening our long term relationships with strategic customers, and adding new products, while preserving our exceptional quality service.

Our mission consists of producing and trading top quality Chilean fresh fruit and juices - harvested, processed, and exported by an outstanding human team using state-of-the-art technology. Values that represent us and guide our actions are personal excellence, team work, commitment to the community, environment, and quality. New challenges and initiatives are investment and presence in the world through the new agencies of the company in Europe and China.

At the same time, our interest in commitment with the community has led us developing the Corporate Social Responsibility area in its three dimensions: social, economic, and environmental. We know that this challenge and commitment with the different people we reach is a long way to run, but we are convinced that assuming it is a key contribution to the next generations.

Finally, we are interested in growing on a sustainable basis, and this is why we keep on encouraging constant specialized training and adding new technologies allowing us offering top quality fruit to our customers.

Corporate Directory
San Clemente - Words from the President



Formed from left to right:

  • Guillermo Agüero P.
  • Luis Chadwick V.
  • John Skinner M.
  • Andrew Wallace F.
  • Alejandro Valdés C.
  • Francisco Chadwick F.
  • Arturo Miquel A.


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