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Branch offices in Europe

The experience of Empresas San Clemente in this business has allowed establishing how important it is to have offices abroad, since they allow us being closer to our customers, offering them an integral service infrastructure in response to their needs at a local level, and being able to timely provide any additional service they might need.

San Clemente is aware of how important it is to make its presence noticed in the European market. For this reason, it currently has offices in the Old World, which is one of our company’s most important markets, in a major project led by Andrew Wallace F.

San Clemente has several kinds of programs specially developed for Europe, where different types of fruits are exported according to each target audience’s requirements. In this market, offices are aimed at developing supermarket customers and other clients with activities focused on open and wholesale markets.

Jon Clark, Managing Director
Frans House, Fenton Way, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6UP

Tel: +44 1354 699420   Móvil: +44 7525 668880

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