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HistorySan Clemente holding company was founded 25 years ago in the context of an economic crisis and thanks to the entrepreneurial and visionary spirit of a group of businessmen headed by Mr. Luis Chadwick Vergara, current Chairman of the Company.

In the middle of the 1980s, Luis Chadwick V. and his partners were in the real estate business, but the economic crisis left them with a housing overstock. Considering new business opportunities, they decided to capitalize on the situation by exchanging properties for abandoned farmland located in San Clemente, which belonged to acquaintances of the partners.

Around the same time, they exchanged other properties with a friend that maintained seedbeds in Angol, who desisted from investing and gave up on two-year apple crops because of the crisis. He was former Senator Francisco Prat, who contributed his expertise to the agricultural business in the role of administrator of these farms. When he took his Senate seat he was forced to give up the administrator role, so other partners with farming experience in the Pichidegua zone joined San Clemente, but Mr. Luis Chadwick V. was to continue with the Company and its properties.

Once acquainted with fruit production know-how, Luis Chadwick V. began to think about implementing a packing house. Aware of the fact that sending fruit production to a common exporter would not generate an adequate return for the activity, he decided to acquire a highway neighboring property in the Seventh Region and invest heavily in the construction of a packing house to take the business a step forward and add great value to the products. With this kind of progress and during 25 years, San Clemente went from an up and coming business to become one of the most important agricultural companies of the country.

Among the highlights in San Clemente's history, we can mention the acquisition of the first farmlands and the creation of the export and agro industrial divisions in order to integrate the complete farming business: production, packing and export.

The second most important milestone was the incorporation of Mr. Andrew Wallace Fernández, who was the CEO during 15 years and whose excellent professional skills converted San Clemente from a small exporter into a first class company, among the best of the country.

The third highlight was the decision to open offices in Shanghai and London.
Today, San Clemente faces the challenge of securing its growth, which has been significant in the last five years. To maintain and improve the business relationship with our end clients we have to strengthen San Clemente virtues; that is the challenge we face every day.

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