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San Clemente Export Division

Exportadora San Clemente is the company dedicated to sell fruits abroad. Based on Santiago, it trades fruit produced by Agricola San Clemente and, in some cases, by other producers with which San Clemente has implemented strategic alliances in order to meet foreign demand. Its main markets are Asia, Continental Europe, the UK, and the United States.

One of the characteristics that make a difference between San Clemente and other Exporters is its involvement in the entire production process. Unlike exporters that just receive the fruit at the packing plant, San Clemente has a department dedicated to provide advisory to fruit producers on each customer’s requirements, and to check then that each of these requirements has been duly met, ensuring thus that fruit to be exported is in optimum conditions.

Exportadora San Clemente is currently one of the most important and prestigious local companies in this field, being also positioned among the most profitable export companies.

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