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San Clemente Foods

San Clemente Foods is focused in processing fruit and vegetables from its own farmland as well as associated producers.
With more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of juice concentrated, the company has a multidisciplinary team highly skilled, and state- of-the-art facilities and equipment.

The product is manufactured according to each client's specifications and under the demanding quality standards of markets such as USA, Canada and the European Union.

Agroindustrial San Clemente acts on the following guidelines:

Arrow Availability, variety and quality.
We work with our own farms and with local associated producers. Apples, grapes, stone fruit, berries, tropical fruit and vegetables are our main categories.

Arrow Efficiency and flexibility.
Our production line works under parallel system enabling us to process different fruits and vegetables products at the time.

Arrow Quality and development.
We have our own lab, high precision measuring equipment, highly qualified professionals and HACCP-GMA-KOSHER certification.

Arrow A focus on the client.
We want your business to be unique, so we work under your parameters of specifications developing products that fulfill your needs.

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