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Agricola San Clemente

“San Clemente holding company defines itself as an agricultural development business whose activities stand out for promoting adding of value to its product portfolio until reaching the end customer”. (Luis Chadwick)

San Clemente - Agricola San ClementeAgrícola San Clemente is a family business founded in 1984 by Mr. Luis Chadwick Vergara in the area of San Clemente, Seventh Region of Maule. Within the organization of the holding company, Agrícola San Clemente is the owner of the farmlands and the fruit producer.

Although it started with just a few hundred acres, today San Clemente owns 1.500 hectares of land from the Limarí Valley, in the vicinity of Ovalle, through San Clemente in the Seventh Region, up to Talca and Angol. Farm location was selected by San Clemente considering weather conditions and geographical characteristics suitable for its specialized fruit production.

The fruit produced by Agrícola San Clemente's farms is sold to the exporter, which later markets the production abroad.

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