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Corporate Social Responsibility / General Description / Human resources

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Human resources

Corporate Social Responsibility / General Description / Human resources

San Clemente assigns corporate resources to related projects that benefit underprivileged people. These resources may be technical, human or financial, and are allotted mainly to social services, health, education, professional training and employment.

Human resources are critical for a socially-responsible corporation. The European Union (EU) Green Book details responsible hiring practices, particularly non-discriminatory guidelines and practices favouring hiring of people who find it harder to get a job (long-time unemployed, minorities, women and the elder).

In this context, San Clemente provides guarantees in the following aspects:

  • Health care.
    All workers have to pass a medical ophthalmologic checkup. For workers with sight problems, the Company coordinates a medical appointment and pays for prescriptions for workers who can pay back in installments.
  •  Safety in the workplace.
    All workers are given uniforms and the necessary tools for their work, for instance, sun block, caps for UV protection, equipment: depending on the needs.
  • Non-discrimination.
    The majority of the workers are women. The Company also integrates the youth, the elder and immigrants.
  • Integration of disabled people.
    Programs have been implemented in collabouration with CONACE, after which one participant was hired as a staff employee.

New dimensions in work relationship.

  • Reconciliation of work and family: temporary leaves are granted to working mothers so they can spend time with their families.
  • Professional training, instruction on their functions and specialization through OTIC, among others.
  • Information communication, through initiatives implemented since year 2009 in order to enhance internal communication.
  • Participation of employees in profits and in corporate capital, through educational projects such a college scholarship for staff workers and seasonal workers' children; and other efforts that will be implemented in the future.
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