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Corporate Social Responsibility / General Description / Environment

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Corporate Social Responsibility / General Description / Environment

Social development and preservation of the natural environment should always be kept in mind. To this purpose we have been granted valid quality certification. To date, identified initiatives are:

  • HACCP Certificate
  • GlobalGap and Tesco Nature’s Choice (TNC).
  • BRC.
  • APL (in process)

flecha Reuse of waste
As most of the waste produced by the Company plants is organic, the byproducts of juice concentrate are reused as animal food.
Repair of damaged materials
Most of the damaged work materials are repaired. The Company has a workshop where, for example, wooden bins are repaired and not disposed of.

flecha Environmental reserve
Near the Carén farm in Ovalle, San Clemente owns a near 10-hectare protected environmental reserve.
In this reserve, 15 species of native plant life are to be found: the chañar, the olive tree, the capsicum, the carob tree, the mollaca, the chilca, the rosemary, the palqui, the hawthorn, the guayacan, the copao, the quisco, the moye, the pomegranate and the fig tree.
As for the fauna, in the Carén reserve we can find certain species of Chilean fox, the degú and assorted types of lizards, among others.

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