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Corporate Social Responsibility / General Description / Research and innovation

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Research and innovation

Corporate Social Responsibility / General Description / Research and innovation

The Company is constantly innovating in areas of technology, management and commerce. Research and development is focused on generation and acquisition of technology, preparation for production or the provision of services and the preparations for trade.

1. Continuous technology acquisition
In the juice concentrate plant, in the production line and in the TI department, diverse elements have been integrated to improve working conditions with new equipment and infrastructure.

2. Innovation
In the information technology department three important software solution projects have been implemented, developed and used for years and, eventually, they were adopted by other companies in the business for their contributions and usefulness to everyday work, which has fostered a good relationship and communication with the competition.

3. Support for college research and development
Besides participation in research conducted by the University of Talca, an exchange scholarship program with New Zealand institutions is being considered to support first-class research.

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