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Corporate Social Responsibility / Donations

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Corporate Social Responsibility / DonationsAnother way in which San Clemente holding company exercises corporate social responsibility is through donations:

Duao: By initiative of President Luis Chadwick V., the Company sponsors the San José de Duao Agricultural School, which in numerous instances has been granted resources for children. The commitment assumed in 2001 consists of money and gear donations, i.e. tractors, among other equipment, for the San José de Duao Agricultural School so the school students can pursue their studies.

Carén: Last January 17th the Company donated a computer with licensed software, an Internet connection and a virtual book collection to the existing library. In that town, there were people who didn't even know computers. Furthermore, the Company coordinated with the Municipality and donated a scanner, which set an unprecedented standard of community work in the region. Donations will be strengthened in the following years according to a long-term CSR program. (Saturday, January 17th of 2009.)

As for health care, money contributions have been made to provide medical treatment for ill workers.
Donation to Hogar de Cristo in "Cena de Pan y Vino" Charity Dinner. Year 2008.

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