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Corporate Social Responsibility / Scholarships

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Corporate Social Responsibility / Scholarships1. Agrícola San Clemente College Scholarship Plan.

One of the most important efforts pushed by San Clemente Corporate chairman, Luis Chadwick Vergara, is a college scholarship plan for employee’s children, a project nurtured for years by the Chadwick family that came to life in 2008.

The scholarship consists of socioeconomic aid and is targeted to underprivileged employees' children. Depending on the employee salary, the scholar may receive up to 100% tuition for his/her career of choice, during the complete academic program. In addition, the scholar receives an allowance for the following items: food, lodging, transportation and study materials.

2. Professional training for employees, through OTIC (Intermediate Training Technical Agency).

3. Agrícola San Clemente Workers Foundation project.

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