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Located in the Chilean North, 500 km. from Santiago, next to the driest desert of the world and irrigated by La Paloma dam, San Clemente has a 250 hectare-property where different table grape, avocados and tangerines varieties are cultivated. A packing house where fruit is selected and packed under a stringent quality assurance program and a cold storage plant built in collabouration with other farmers was equipped with state of the art technology to preserve the fruit fresh before export.

150 km southeast of Santiago, near Marchigüe, the warm climate favours the growth of some of the best Chilean grapes. In a 140-hectare farmland different varieties are cultivated such as Thomson Seedless, Superior, Crimson Seedless and Autumn Royale.

In the city of San Clemente, where the company beginnings are found in the vicinity of Talca, two important farms spread across a total area of 240 hectares. 200 hectares are reserved for apple culture; 22 for cherries and 18 for grapes.

Further to the South, in the Nahuelbuta zone in the vicinity of Angol, there is a 270 hectare apple crop planted between years 2003 and 2005. Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Braeburn and Pink Lady are the main varieties growing in the region. Combination of factors such as new rhizomes, controlled irrigation, a suitable weather and trade alliances with farmers from New Zealand have favoured the production of excellent trees and fruit.

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