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Privacy Policies

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Privacy Policies

According to provisions of Article 19, Nº 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Chile and related regulations of Act Nº 19.628 on privacy protection and their subsequent amendments, treatment of personal data in abide by the following rules:

• San Clemente guarantees confidentiality of the personal data entered in the available forms of its Web site. Notwithstanding its legal powers, San Clemente will only process personal data of users who have voluntarily submitted their information in the referred-to form.
• Personal data of users will only be used for purposes set forth in the corresponding form.
• Personal data of users could be subject of the following treatment:
• San Clemente may disclose personal data of users to other Government agencies as established in Act 19.628.
• In the event of information being requested by a Court of Law, San Clemente will proceed to disclose this personal data.
• San Clemente may share with third parties statistical information gathered from personal data of its Website users, without their prior consent, as long as users can not be individually identified based on that information, as established by the law.
• The user may any time exercise the rights established in Act Nº 19.628 and its further amendments. Specifically, the user may:
a. request information on data banks managed by the agency, the legal foundation of their existence, their ultimate purpose, the type of data gathered and the description of the statistical universe it comprises.
b. request information about his/her data, source and target, gathering and identity of persons and agencies which regularly receive this information.
c. request that personal data be modified when they are incorrect or outdated, when it applies.
d. request elimination or cancellation of submitted information, whenever it applies.
e. request, as established in provisions of Act 19.628, a copy of the amended entry when it corresponds, whenever applies.
f. object to their personal data being used for statistical purposes.
• As for gathering of data and their treatment with automated mechanisms in order to generate an activity report and a profile of Website users, San Clemente can only use this information to generate reports that comply with the described purposes. In no event the information will be processed in such a way that allows individualization of a user.
• For the purposes of this “Privacy Policy”, a user is defined as a person that voluntarily signs up in the forms of the Contact section. On the contrary, a visitor is a person that freely accesses the information available in, without having signed up.

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