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San Clemente holding company has clients in Europe, Asia, United States, Canada and Latin America. Apples, grapes, cherries, tangerines and avocados -¬five varieties in which the Company has specialized- have proven extremely sought after in market niches demanding high quality and superior processing. San Clemente has been a pioneer in accepting these requirements and seeking state-of-the-art technologies to meet them.

San Clemente distinguishes itself for establishing a strong connection with customer requirements and, to its benefit, it has the significant advantage of participating in every step of the production chain, which allows to manage client commercial demands from the time the fruit starts to grow.

Internationally, the Company is perceived as serious, concerned about product quality and service and involved in every step of the process of offering the best product possible to the end consumer.

But supermarket customers have also been showing a strong trend to reach fruit producers directly over the last few years. In this sense, San Clemente is one step forward than its competitors because it started implementing this strategy over ten years ago without leaving any of its other customers aside, which are also extremely important to the company.

On the other hand, alliances with foreign companies that are known for being very innovative in these matters allow San Clemente obtaining feedback from customers’ new preferences y help having access to evaluations made by supermarkets that are constantly assessing consumers’ trends and preferences. For this reason, San Clemente is constantly traveling to follow the most important market trends closely.



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