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Arrow ¿What is San Clemente?

San Clemente is a holding of agricultural development companies that comprises the areas of production, cold storage, packing, export and juice manufacturing. Its hallmark is the ability to add value to each product and a portfolio that meets the expectations of end customers.

Arrow ¿Why trust Empresas San Clemente?

Because it is a Company with over 20 years experience in the fruit farming business, with quality certification and participation in every step of production, from sowing to fruit packing; it is a company concerned about product quality.

Arrow ¿What distinguishes this Company from the competition?

Its solid relationship with supermarket chains worldwide. Finding a Chilean producer capable of being a direct supplier of supermarket chains in Europe, United States and Asia is not an easy task; it is a status that distinguishes us from the competition.

Arrow ¿What types of fruit does Empresas San Clemente produce?

San Clemente specializes in the production of top quality apples, grapes, cherries, avocados and tangerines. Each fruit is produced according to customer's specifications, which guarantees satisfaction in the most demanding markets.

Arrow ¿Where is San Clemente fruit production harvested?

San Clemente manages its own farms, which were carefully selected considering optimal geographical and weather conditions for each fruit variety. These farms are located in the IV and IX Regions, in the area of Ovalle, Marchigüe, San Clemente, Talca and Angol.

Arrow ¿Who are San Clemente's main clients?

Empresas San Clemente main clients are supermarket chains, because our central purpose in the last ten years has been to reach end consumers. We are suppliers of the main supermarket chains worldwide, in Europe, United States, Canada, Latin America and Asia.

Arrow ¿How does San Clemente protect the environment where it works?

San Clemente is a socially-responsible Company and, as such, shows concern about minimizing impact on the environment surrounding its farms and plants. In this sense, the Company has been granted international certification for clean production, besides having implemented waste reuse and damaged material repair policies.

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